Our first “official” feedback


Following the introduction of our feedback form late last week, we had our first reply from our newest customer! We hate to blow our own trumpet, so this time we will let someone else blow it for us!

0= Poor

1= Below average

2= Average

3= Excellent

4= Exceeded Expectations

Name: Andy *******

Email: ********1@btconnect.com

Date Of Collection / Delivery: 23.02.16

Were We On Time?: 4

Driver Appearance: 4

Was The Driver Polite And Helpful?: 4

Vehicle Cleanliness?: 4

Was The Driver Polite And Helpful?: 4

How did we sit with your expectations overall?: 4

Any Other Comments Or Suggestions?: Great Start!

happy homer

“The Courier That Cares” what you think…


Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we like to think that we know how to operate a successful delivery company (or at least that we should!). This said we understand that there is always room for improvement, so we have recently introduced an email feedback form for new and existing customers to make it easier for you to share your opinions with us about the issues that matter.

We ask that you rate our services for a number of categories, including cleanliness of vehicles, helpfulness of drivers, promptness, driver appearance, did we meet your expectations? We would also like to hear about any other issues not covered, and if you have any suggestions or comments to the services that we offer.

To leave a comment about a recent job, please click www.logsol.net/feedback and fill in your details. Our review process is ongoing, and we would love to hear your ideas!



Are you a winner? You could be with Logistic Solutions UK & Europe…


With only 10 days to go there is still time to enter our competition to win £25 of Amazon vouchers to spend on anything you like! Need a new toaster? Perhaps your partner has been asking for the latest Adele CD? How about a little treat for yourself?

Whatever you fancy spending the winnings on, there’s a simple way to enter – Visit http://www.logsol.net (or click the below image), click on contact us and enter your name, email address and he word “competition” in the description box.

You will receive an email confirmation of your entry to the email address entered (but please make sure you put the correct email address, as we will be contacting our winner via email in the first instance).

What could be simpler? If you have already entered, please feel free to share and tell your friends!

yes im a winner

Good luck everyone!