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We had a call from a local company who was in a bit of a pickle and needed a fast same day courier service. Who did they call? “The Courier Who Cares” of course.

Here’s what they had to say about us…

1=Below Expectations
4=Exceeded Expectations

Date Of Collection / Delivery: 13th/14th September 2016

Were We On Time?: 3

Driver Appearance: 3

Was The Driver Polite And Helpful?: 3

Vehicle Cleanliness?: 3

Overall, how did we meet with your expectations?: 4

Would you recommend Logistic Solutions UK & Europe?: 4

Any Other Comments Or Suggestions?: Laid back and friendly service underpinned by following through with your promises. When I met Craig at Wellingborough (a BNI networking event) we immediately got on well and I am pleased to have been able to use the service. Ramona was brilliant too and went out of her way to make sure I knew when the package had been delivered. Thanks very much indeed, look forward to seeing Craig at another networking event soon!


So if you need an urgent courier service, who you gonna call?  Logistic Solutions UK & Europe Ltd!

01604 678450 – http://www.logsol.net

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