Does your courier work for you, or with you?


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“The Courier That Cares”

Many of you use couriers as part of your day to day requirements. But is your courier working for you, or working with you?

There is a distinct difference between the two – any company you employ for third party services will work for you, but not all of them will want to find out more about what your business needs and how it operates – and even fewer will offer you the right solution!

no hidden charges

NO Hidden Charges – The price quoted is the price you will pay…every time.

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NO waiting on setting up accounts – Just call us when you need us…we are always here waiting for your call.

No Contract
NO Contracts…Ever! – We will invoice you for works completed and that’s it. No minimum monthly spend, no minimum terms.

1 hour parking

On top of all of this, we also offer collections within 60 minutes of your call whether you need a single vehicle in Cornwall, or several vehicles sending to the remote corners of the UK.

We’ve got you covered!

So with all this in mind, make today the day you contact Logistic Solutions UK & Europe Ltd.

Happy Birthday to us!



As you may have already heard, this week we are celebrating our 8th birthday!!

It’s been a really interesting last 8 years, with lots of ups and downs, but we couldn’t be happier. 8 years ago we could never have imagined we would be where we are now – in a nice warehouse with lots of vehicles and drivers – considering the company started its humble beginnings with just 1 man and 1 van!

We would like to take a moment to say a HUGE “Thank You” to all of our customers, both new and old, as we wouldn’t be here without you!


As you have also probably heard, we have recently reviewed our pricing structure, so now we are offering even more competitive rates on our same day service! So if you are looking for a new courier, why not call on “The Courier That Cares” and speak with one of our friendly team. Mo, Justyn, Jade or Craig will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a no-obligation quote, even if it is just to compare against your current service provider.

Time for something new
We know every business is different, and being local we are always happy to meet you in person at your convenience to find out your individual business requirements.

Since our humble beginnings in 2008, we have made approximately 40’000 dedicated same day deliveries!

That’s an average of 1.75 an hour! And given that we offer collection within 60 minutes of your call nationally, this is no simple feat!

So make TODAY the day you try something new! You have nothing to lose!
Call us on 01604 678450 or email – If you request a visit I’ll make sure I bring the doughnuts!
More information is available at

And our survey says….


Logsol Feedback Box

We like to keep everyone updated with the most recent feedback from our customers, so see below for the latest customer response…


Name – A Taylor

Date of collection / delivery – July 2016
Were we on time? – 4
Driver appearance? – 3
Was the driver polite and helpful? – 3
Vehicle Cleanliness? – 3
Overall, how did we meet with your expectations? – 4

Any other comments or suggestions? – Nothing but excellent service – very happy customer!

1=Below Expectations
4=Exceeded Expectations

It’s always nice to see another happy customer!

So if your courier is performing below expected standards and doesn’t want your opinion on their service, perhaps NOW is the time to call Logistic Solutions UK & Europe? – It could be the best thing you do all week!

01604 678450 –


Latest Feedback…


We have had another new customer get in contact following a recent job, see below for their feedback…

Feedback GREAT

Name – R.Daniel

Date of collection / delivery – June 2016
Were we on time? – Yes
Driver appearance? – Good
Was the driver polite and helpful? – Yes
Vehicle cleanliness? – Good
Overall, how did we meet with your expectations? – Above and beyond

So if YOU want to try a courier who always exceeds expectations, call us today on 01604 678450 for a no obligation quote to compare against your current service provider. It could be the best thing you do today!


Is your courier service cost effective?



Many businesses use a courier service on a daily basis, and for most businesses this service fits well with the needs of the business. With a recent increase in the number of logistic companies, how do you know you are getting the best value for money?

From speaking with a number of businesses we have found that their biggest issue when it comes to couriers is surcharges. Initially the consignment rate seems fine, but once the invoices start coming in, they notice these little “extras” that have been added on to the bill.

Some of you feel that these services should be included as standard, but we would like to know YOUR thoughts.

Click the link and take our short survey –

Latest Feedback

Another great customer review...

Another great customer review…

With another new customer on board, we sent out a feedback form requesting their honest opinions of our service.

Date Of Collection / Delivery: 25/04/2016
Were We On Time?: Yes
Driver Appearance: Smart
Was The Driver Polite And Helpful?: Always
Vehicle Cleanliness?: Yes
Overall, how did we meet with your expectations?: Excellent Service Any Other Comments Or Suggestions?: Not at this time



It’s nice to see that our dedication and commitment to a professional service is appreciated, and thanks again for using our dedicated same day service – We are glad to have been able to help!

If you are looking for a truly professional same day service, you should call us today on 01604 678450 for a no obligation quote! for more information.

Refer a friend for 20% off!


Want to save money on your next same day requirement? Well all you have to do is refer a friend to us. If you refer a new business to us and they use our same day service, we will deduct 20 % of their first same day job from your next one.

So of for example, your referral spends £200, we will deduct £40 from your next bill!

Click here to go to our referral page –